The URT x RESCO Colab shirt is the abomination that came out of years of a twisted friendship between both Smitty, the brains behind RESCO and URT. The shirt represents the RESCO logo, Navy SEAL paratrooper equipped with swim fins, jumping out the back of a C-130 for a water landing. This is the highest form of being amphibious. Comfort in chaos, no matter the element you find yourself. 

On the inside of the shirt we have printed the Multi Cell Paratrooper chute folding directions. 

The Colab shirt was created after RESCO made a Colab watch adorning the URT logo. The watch was created with the amphibious in mind, RESCO created a tidal bezel that's dial could be twisted once a day to accurately predict when high and low tide was scheduled throughout the day.

We are so honored to work with RESCO as they continue to change the game in time telling. 

Shirts: It's a high quality American made watch so we used our highest quality Triblend Fabric. Smooth like buttah. 

50% Poly 25% Cotton 25% Rayon

  • $28.00