As one grows up around the ocean, getting stung by a stingray becomes a right of passage. If you find someone else who knows the struggle it immediately makes an inseparable bond between you and that person. One learns really quick to employ the stingray shuffle in his arsenal of dance moves after their first time getting stabbed. 

I have been stung 5 times, each time has been it's own very special and unique kick in the pants. Two of my stings came in the Summer of my youth when making money and spending it on horrible food at KenTaco Hut (a magical place where KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut teamed up in one kitchen) was the biggest priority. I was too young to get a job but still needed that soda money, so i devised a plan where I would dive for the golf balls that people would slice into the Coronado Bay and sell them back for $1. 

I thought I had it all figured out until I forgot my mask and dove down to retrieve the ball only to get promptly stung in the hand by a stingray that had camped next to the ball. I repeated this mistake the following week, but I would've taken a bullet for some popcorn chicken at that age. 

It wasn't till later that I found out I was diving for the balls at a spot called Stingray Point off the Coronado golf course. Seems like that could have been useful knowledge. 


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