2023 URT WOMP Bodysurf Comp Registration


 We've gone galactic!

THE 12th Annual URT WOMP is now the first ever Galactic Bodysurf Championship. Come be apart of history.


Since apparently we aren't alone in this universe, we're handing out an open invite to any and all intergalactic body surfers for this year's WOMP.

No anti-gravity handplanes or dark matter fins.  Let's keep it honest here aliens.  

Sunday September 10th // Coronado, CA // North Beach

Human Torpedoes from all over the world will be flocking to Coronado's legendary water wall making North Beach to prove their sea worth. North Beach is situated perfectly to receive South swells and early September is when the Souths are running. 

We are teaming up with the non profit One More Wave to breathe life into the 11th Annual URT WOMP. Proceeds from all event registrations will be going to their mission of providing wounded veterans with surf therapy and customized surf equipment. 


Youth Division: Max 48 Contestants (Ages 8-15)

Adult Division (Aliens, Women and Men compete together but judged separately): Max 96 Contestants

Dressing up as an astronaut or an alien is almost mandatory.

All participants will receive an event shirt, breakfast burrito's from Clayton's MTO, water, and grab bag. 

You will receive an email two days before the event with all the details you need for the event.  

Dressing up as an astronaut or an alien is almost mandatory.


1. JUDGING -- Contestants will be judged on how well they bodysurf during their heat. Judges will consider wave selection, quality of takeoff, position in wave, style, length of ride, maneuvers and originality. The two highest scoring features of the wave will be your vertical and horizontal travel. The vertical (height of wave) distance travelled will account for 30% of your wave score, while the horizontal (the amount of distance traveled left-right or right left) will account for 40% of your total wave score. Please
spin at your own risk. If the spin does not provide any added benefit to your ride, points will be deducted.

2. SCORING – All waves will be judged by every judge. A maximum of 10 points can be obtained on each ride. Points for each contestants top 3 waves will be added together to determine their final score. Thus a maximum of 30 points per contestant is possible. In event of a tie, totals from the next highest wave (4th, 5th, etc.) are then
added to the rider’s total score.

3. WAVE MAX -- A contestant may only surf 8 waves per heat. After completing 8 waves a bodysurfer must return to shore.

4. SCORING (Women's Division): Since we do not get a lot of women competitors and we want to give you as many heats as possible, women will compete alongside men in the OPEN division. The women division winners will be based on the sum of the top three waves of each heat they compete in. The further in the competition you go, the more heats you competes in, the more points you can earn. 

5. CUTOFFS -- The WOMPer who is closest to the peak of the wave has priority. If you cut someone off you will be deducted 2 points off your highest single wave score. 

6. EQUIPMENT – Fins, trunks and speeds are encouraged. WETSUITS can be worn, however you will be looked down upon by your fellow WOMPees as a land lubber.

7. HEAT CHECK-IN – A "heat board" will be placed at check in table. Find your heat number. Check-in at the Judge table 5 minutes before your heat is to start. You will be assigned a cap color by a judge assistant. Get your corresponding cap from the contestant when they come in to the beach. You MUST give a high five, hand shake, or knuckles to the other contestant during the exchange. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your highest scoring wave. 

8. The official WOMP cap must be worn during competition. Loss of cap will result in doing a walk of shame, which requires the at-fault to keep his fins on for the entirety of the following heat. Failure to accept punishment will result in a lifetime ban from the URT WOMP.

9. HEATS – Each heat is 10 minutes long. 1 horn blast starts your heat on land, 2 horn blasts signals the close of the heat and the formation for the final "party wave." 

10. PARTY WAVE -- Every heat will end with a party wave. This is signaled with 2 horn blasts. All WOMPers will get in a line and catch the same wave. It's party time. The winner is determined by whoever rides the wave the furthest - you will be judged by where the wave stops carrying your body weight. Party hard. There is no kicking allowed. Kicking will automatically disqualify you from the Party. Judges decisions are final. Party hard. Whoever rides the party wave furthest in will receive 2 additional points added to their 3 wave score total.


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