I designed the URT "two foot bluefin tuna” in hopes of drawing attention to the fact that radiation has been flowing from Fukushima Power Plant in Japan, since April, 2011 when the reactors were blown in the aftermath of the Tsunami that ravaged Japan’s Eastern coast. This tragic story, unfortunately, does not have an end.

A devastating problem has arisen. Please be aware, 300 tons of this radioactive water has been seeping into the Pacific Ocean EVERY DAY since March 15, 2011. Ground water, flowing from inland, has become radioactive as it floods into the Pacific after coming into contact with the reactor core (post-meltdown).

It is estimated that a large portion of marine life in the Pacific has become contaminated, and the higher up the food chain the contamination goes, the more compounded the radiation- heightening the risk of human contamination. Fish caught and tested near the site have tested positive for radioactive particles. 

Bluefin tuna found off the coast of California have also tested positive.

Be aware that this effects all of our shared waters and therefore it is ours to try and fix.