Give either a Small or a Big Sea Potato a loving home; be the answer. 

LIL POTATO, Say I do to your new 17.75 in long new best friend and tell the rest of the family that they just got a little less important, cause you have standards. 

BIG POTATO: This 25.5" in long chunker needs a home. He's not built for speed, but if it's love your looking for, then he's built just right. He's probably more sea potato than you could ever handle. 

These little buggers are on the endangered list and time is running out so make sure to secure yours today and save them from a life of neglect and abuse. We don't have the nicest facilities here. 

Made with love aaaaaaannnd is made using polyester polyurethane blend cotton along with a 100% polyester cover that gives it the super stretchy, soft feel. But mostly with love. 

  • $22.00