Don't go into the LIght!!!

Got your Halloween costume yet? Well don't be scared, we got your back. Introducing the URT SPOOK costume shirt. 

*The shirt comes with an Angler Fish Costume printed on the inside. Just flip the hem over your head and BOO!!! 

The angler fish might just be the scariest fish in the sea. They have jelly like flesh, sharp erridescent teeth, and only live in water that is anywhere from 2,297 ft - 3,281 ft deep. They hunt their prey using a florescent lure that is used to captivate their prey and mesmerize them. 

Did you know that only the females grow the florescent lure, which is called an Esca? Nor did we. hmmm I wonder if there are any correlations of human females having an Esca to lure their prey. hmmm

Order before Oct 28th to ensure delivery by Halloween Day.