THE WOMP Cycle shirt is our first installment in the Pioneers of the Amphibious

This design is a tribute to Rollie Free. Rollie Free was a racer during the 1920s and '30s, but is best known for setting the American motorcycle one-mile speed record in 1948, when he rode a British-made Vincent HRD Black Shadow to a speed of 150.313 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. To make that record run, Free stripped down to tight-fitting swimming shorts and laid flat on the Vincent to cut down on every last bit of wind resistance. A photo of the swimsuit-clad Free racing across the salt flats at 150 mph became one of the most famous photos in the history of the sport.

When this picture of Rollie on a Vencent HRD came out, it was the very first time "Bodysurfing" was used in print and this is where URT comes in. All land speed records were trying to be broken at the infamous Bonneville Salt Flats, a dead sea. We salute Rollie and his pioneer of the Amphibious. 

The beach does not end at the boardwalk.