Chuck Heavy.

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One of the most challenging aspects of URT over the years was not coming out and saying what a huge, driving force Charlie Keating IV was to us. He fully embodied not only all the ideals that define and shape URT, but also took us to places we never could have thought possible. Living in our hometown of Coronado we all share a love of the ocean that surrounds us, and Charlie was right there, shoulder-to-shoulder with us, every hot Summer day on a surfboard or chilly Winter morning in a wetsuit with a spear gun. There’s another set of ideals that Charlie embodied however that we could never truly understand. Coronado is home to some of the most dedicated and capable men our proud nation has to offer in the teams of the United States’ Navy SEALs. These men are willing to to go to extraordinary lengths and endure logic-defying circumstances to protect our freedoms. It’s an aspect of Charlie’s life that while we knew existed, we also knew that only those who earned the right to serve shoulder to shoulder alongside him could fully comprehend and appreciate. And while he meant the world to all of us who knew him in Coronado, only now through recent events are we given a taste of what he meant to the unsung heroes of Coronado in the Navy SEALs. We’re given the opportunity to see that not only did Chuck take URT with him through his day to day life in Coronado, but along on his deployments abroad as he served our country to an extent few will ever be privileged enough to know. It’s now, as we stand shoulder to shoulder with friends and family, that we remember him and celebrate what he was in our lives. At the request of Charlie Keating the IV’s family, we’ve opened a pre-order on a run of shirts that were recently handed out free of charge to those in attendance of his memorial service. Proceeds from the sale of every shirt will be going towards the good people at the Navy SEAL Foundation and our friends at One More Wave Surf Corp, a charity who’s goal it is to to provide ocean therapy to combat veterans who have been injured while serving our country. For more information and your chance to support, click here....

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5th Annual URT WOMP

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Click HERE to sign up and WOMP your hearts out.

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4th Annual URT DIG: A Hole Digging Competition

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Ready to get your hands dirty?  Click the flyer to go to the sign up page. Well the 4th Annual URT DIG is here to do just that. Don’t know what the URT DIG is?? Well, let me dig you out of that hole you’ve been living in. Bring your own shovel. (No moving parts) Dig as deep as you can in 10 minutes. Shovels down. Measuring. To the victors go the spoils. It’s time to throw away your practice shovels and invest in yourself. Bury your friends and prove to them you’ve always been the stronger and a more superior digger than them. Prove it under the sun at the world’s biggest digging stage. Coronado’s North Beach. Sign up today with the “Metal” or “Purist”  and get an official URT DIG T shirt...

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TRIM Memorial Classic:

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Come on out to the 2nd Annual Trim Memorial Classic. URT will be having a tent and putting on a small WOMP competition. There are a lot of other events to sign up for as well. There are a lot of openings left and a lot of great prizes to be had. Even if your an average WOMPer you should feel confident.  Sign up Below! It’s never too early to start practicing for the 5th Annual URT...

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