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4th Annual URT DIG: A Hole Digging Competition

Posted by on May 15, 2015 in Events | 0 comments

URT-DIG-FLyer-WebReady to get your hands dirty?  Click the flyer to go to the sign up page. Well the 4th Annual URT DIG is here to do just that. Don’t know what the URT DIG is?? Well, let me dig you out of that hole you’ve been living in. Bring your own shovel. (No moving parts) Dig as deep as you can in 10 minutes. Shovels down. Measuring. To the victors go the spoils. It’s time to throw away your practice shovels and invest in yourself. Bury your friends and prove to them you’ve always been the stronger and a more superior digger than them. Prove it under the sun at the world’s biggest digging stage. Coronado’s North Beach. Sign up today with the “Metal” or “Purist”  and get an official URT DIG T shirt URT-DIG-Shirt   Read More