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Welcome to URT - Perfect Clothing For Ocean Lovers

URT, the throaty bark of the sea lion - as common a sound to the ocean goer as the crashing of waves has inspired a clothing company unlike any other. URT clothing is straight forward in appearance, rich with utility. URT offers a wide range of ocean clothing such as navy seal shirts, seal logo t-shirts, sea lion tide shirts, surfing shirts, lobster shirts, WOMP shirt, dive shirts, the Kraken tee, ocean accessories and more for men, women and kids. All URT shirts have a tide chart printed on the inside front. Redefining functionality, our tide charts are accurate from Tijuana to Los Angeles. TJ - LA

URT can bring you to the water’s edge; it’s up to you to jump in. At URT, we aim to provide a bitchin shopping experience every time...

And as always, URT provides FREE SHIPPING!