This May 3rd join URT and the Charlie Humphrey Keating IV Foundation as we start a new SWEATY tradition. Inspiration through Perspiration. View Post
  • PADDLE OUT FOR C4 // MAY 5TH 2018

    As a partner to the Charlie Humphrey Keating IV Foundation, we will be inviting all of our community to Celebration of Life for the Aloha Warrior Charlie IV with a day dedicated to his memory. At 9AM we will Paddle Out in Glorietta Bay in Coronado and have a Luau themed dinner at the Coronado Golf Course. Tickets are available for purchase and all proceeds go directly to the Foundation. It's been nearly two years since we lost Charlie and the love and support the community has flooded us with has inspired the family and URT to create the Foundation.

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  • URT SANTA SURF OFF // Spread the Red

    The 7th Annual URT Santa Surf Off in Coronado, CA was our biggest yet. Our scholars estimated around 350 people on the beach with over 100 surfing santas turning the ocean red. This has slowly become our biggest event we have and couldn't be more proud of our community who cam eout in force on Ch... View Post
  • URT DIG: The Aftermath

    The URT DIG is a competitive hole digging contest that takes place on Coronado Beach, in which contestants choose from 3 divisions to compete in. Plastic (kids 10 and under) Hands/Paws Division (Humans and Dogs can only use what god gave them) and Metal Division. Diggers are given up to 10 minut... View Post