HOLD FAST Non-Tipping Can Coozy

Color: Olive
Flat Dark Earth

Batten down your beverage with the all new Hold Fast  non-tipping can coozy. We've fused Octopus technology with our love for drinking. No longer will the rocky high seas claim another liquid brother because your Hold Fast coozy is getting real intimate with the boat deck. 

Simply remove the silicon lid, slide your can in, and put the silicon lid back on and put your drink down and let the suction pressure give you the drink security that only URT can provide.

Find yourself at ease next time you yell 'Fish On!" after just cracking open a freshie. Set your can down and fight on knowing your drink is as safe as coconut milk.

The Hold Fast Can coozy just doesn't shine bright on the water, this baby's got legs.  Got a territorial demon house cat that bats everything off the coffee table? Set your can down and watch their tiny brain explode. Turn a terrible two year old's idea of the world of cans on tables upside down as you put an end to their reign of terror.Hell this thing will even hold your spot at the bar. 

OCTOPUS TECHNOLOGY-makes it hard to tip but easy to lift.

DOUBLE-WALL VACUUM INSULATION- Keeps your drinks cold until the last sip

STAINLESS STEEL- Made with high-grade stainless steel, making them puncture & rust-resistant.

RUBBER LOCKING GASKET- Removable rubber gasket to securely lock

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