The ocean is the cornerstone of my life. It defines but never limits me, for the lessons I have learned from the sea follow me well beyond the boardwalk. The sand in my sheets, in the basins of my showers and ears all lay testament to this. No matter how far away I may venture from the coastline, I am a fish out of water. We are the amphibious.


URT represents the magnetic pull the ocean projects on me, where breaking waves knock and the throaty bark of sea lions sound the alarm. How else can you explain surfers going back in the ocean after a shark attack? What is in the ocean that heals PTSD? How can the ocean make us feel homesick? What motivates a surfer to wake up at dawn to throw his body, against instinct, into freezing water for an hour in return for 30 combined seconds of walking on water?


URT seeks to answer these questions and uncover the tangible mystery that surrounds this second world I call home. As a company, I believe that all should have equal access to the ocean and that no emotion, no level of experience, no financial burden should ever barricade you. Skills are learned through submersion and waves are free. One is never landlocked when they know how to swim. THANK YOU FOR COMING ON THIS JOURNEY WITH ME, IT IS A PLEASURE TO HAVE YOU ABOARD.

Ian URTnowski