C4 Foundation

In loving memory of Charlie Keating IV  2/26/1985 - 5/ 3/2016
The Charlie Humphrey Keating IV Foundation (C4 FOUNDATION) has launched. We are working alongside Charlie's family to create a Collection where the proceeds from Collection sales will go directly to the Foundation as they pursue the Foundation's mission and purpose. 
On May 3rd, 2016 the family, friends, and community that loved Charlie changed forever with the news of his passing in Iraq. But on that day a new bond was forged, on that day a community, City, State, and Nation embraced a fallen brother and a family grieving for the unthinkable loss. The loss of a Husband, Son, Nephew, Cousin, Friend, & Teammate.
Often times it is through tragedy we find joy, and through love we find comfort. As we reflect, we find strength in knowing that the memory of Charlie and his actions live on in the Community that has embraced our Family and the overwhelming love and support you have shown us.It is that love and support that has driven us to preserve the legacy of Charlie in a way that will honor him for many years to come.

Proceeds from sales of these products will go directly to the Charlie Humphrey Keating IV Foundation.

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