Shuffle Your Feet Door Mat

Size: Small (16in x 24in)

At URT!, we like to take the lessons the ocean teaches you and apply them to life on land. 

Our Shuffle Your Feet doormat, made of coconut fibers, translates simple manners to your more ocean minded guests. They might not know how to respect your home by making sure they get the dirt of their shoes, but they damn-well better respect the stingray's wrath. 

SHUFFLE YOUR FEET!! on this harware all natural door mat, with a latex bottom to keep your mat from moving. Simply vacuum or shake off to remove dirt and grit. 

  • 2 Sizes:
  • Small (16in x 24in)
  • Large (24in x 35in)
  • Material: Top is Coconut Fibers. Bottom is latex to minimize movement
  • Art applied by hand; AKA Handmade


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