URT Club 24 inch

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Grip Tape Color: Brown
The club has a long history, from the first cave man that wielded a stegosaurus femur to the red metal club that locked your steering wheel in the 90's. The versatility of the club is what has made it survive the test of time. 
The URT Club has continued in this tradition. 
Unlock the URT Club's limitless potential.  Hack away at life's problems.  Can't open a jar in front of your girlfriend? URT Club Employee morale down at work? URT Club Not sure you can trust the pizza delivery boy? URT Club Not over your Frat boy days? URT Club Need to "swing away" to save humanity from aliens? URT Club
The URT Club is as useful as you need it to be. We wont tell you how to use it, if you don't tell us how you use it. 
Ash wood.  Custom URT Grip tape

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