Remington "REMI" Peters Memorial Shirt // 4 Colors

In Honor of SO1 (SEAL) Remington Peters

“Destroy all that which is evil so that which is good may flourish.”

Remington served multiple combat deployments and has been a SEAL for 10 years. He was then assigned to the elite Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team, jumping over 900 times. Remington was tragically killed at a Fleet Week Demo Jump over Memorial Weekend, on May 28th 2017.

Remi was a fierce warrior and guardian here on this Earth. For all that knew him, knew of his larger-than-life personality, authenticity, his loyalty to family and friends, his guardianship, his passion for all things fast and his intense pride for America. But what Remi portrayed most of all was truth, honesty, humility, and his ferocity when it came to living life and protecting. He lived life to the fullest and used every ounce of what God gave him.  He is a Protector. He is the perfect example of an American Man an American Warrior and an American Hero… and the world’s tallest Leprechaun. He is a Frogman.

Remi will not be forgotten and forever will be one of the most steadfast and fearless warriors that exist. We are protected here because of these brave and quiet guardians.

Forever in our hearts.  Forever our fierce guardian. LLTB

Remington J. Peters

10.30.89 – 05.28.17

* Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to a the CHARLES HUMPHREY KEATING IV FOUNDATION.

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