2CHAMBS Vinyl Decal 5 in wide

Color: Black

***All proceeds will go to support the family and Chris and Mikale's daughter Kennedy’s education.

Navy Special Warfare Operator 1st Class, Chris Chambers, nickname 2 Chambs to his teammates, passed away in January of 2024 in the line of duty. Chris did three tours with Seal Team 3 Charlie platoon.

Throughout his military career, he had a few statements that became mantras, “I won’t apologize for passion” being one. Chris was a larger than life guy, with a passion for life, the teams and his family. Chris leaves behind his wife, Mikale and daughter, Kennedy. All proceeds will go to support the family and Kennedy’s education.

We had the honor to work alongside Chris's family to design and create something that embodied the warrior spirit of SO1 Chris Chambers.

5 in wide vinyl decal.

Peel off backing, then apply on desired area, and then peel off the clear front. 

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