Western Wet Bandits Water Resistant Jacket

Size: S
Color: Black

From sea horse stealin' to sand dollar bank robbin' the WET BANDITS are at it again. They bubble laugh in the face of sea law as they make a mockery of the justice system. For them the ocean only giveth and they only taketh. They do it for the money, the glory, and the fun. But mostly for the money.

This den of dURTbags and slime balls are more than wet; they're downright slippery.

  • 100% nylon 330D with waterproof coating
  • Nylon outer shell: waterproof coating = 10,000 MM
  • Inner PU coating: breathability/permeability = 5,000
  • Classic fit
  • Unlined hood
  • Self-neck tape
  • Matte black metal 6 snap front closure
  • Elastic cuffs

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