Black Friday Giveaway. SEA POTATOES

Behold!! The majestic Sea Potato!!

But all is not well. Every hour, a Sea Potato is beaten or abused. They're left terrified and alone, waiting for someone to help.

This Black Friday, please say you'll be the answer. Right now, there is an innocent Sea Potato out there that needs your help. Help us bring a voice to the voiceless. Help us free them from their abusers and give them what they need 

Click HERE

to find out how you can take one home this Black Friday weekend. 



Spend over $85, then add the 17.75 in long Sea Potato to your cart, and use code "POTATO" at check out and you will get this lil guy for free. Tell the rest of the family that they just got a little less important, cause your new best friend is coming home. 

Spend over $200, add the 25.5" in long chunker to your cart, and use code "MASHED" at checkout and you will receive the bigger sea potato for free. He's not built for speed, but if it's love your looking for, then he's built just right. it's probably more sea potato than you could ever handle. 



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