• URT does Catalina

    This year, we kicked off Fall by taking the Zodiak Killers on a fishing trip to Catalina Island.  View Post
  • "Chasing Giants" by Kinetic Spearfishing

    Take that last breath, roll into the deep, crack your ears, feel your chest compress, and line up your shot. You only get one chance. Our friends over at Kinetic Spearfishing put together an epic compilation video of their spearguns in action.   Kinetic Spearfishing is a group of local San Diego... View Post
  • Breakin' in Fall

    Drum roll please! Here to introduce our new Fall line are some familiar faces around Coronado if you're in the know. We took our new line for a test drive around the bay, and broke it in with some surfing and a little bridge jumping.  This line's all about keeping you in the know for if you see a... View Post