Come check out our new warehouse / funky fresh fish market. We are holding a pop up shop this weekend (December 12th and 13th) from 9 AM - 5 PM. We will be open for walk ins Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10AM -330PM and Sundays from 9AM - 2PM. 2240 Main St. Unit 20 Chula Vista, CA 91911   ... View Post
  • Black Friday Giveaway. SEA POTATOES

    Behold!! The majestic Sea Potato!! But all is not well. Every hour, a Sea Potato is beaten or abused. They're left terrified and alone, waiting for someone to help. This Black Friday, please say you'll be the answer. Right now, there is an innocent Sea Potato out there that needs your help. Hel... View Post
  • URT does Catalina

    This year, we kicked off Fall by taking the Zodiak Killers on a fishing trip to Catalina Island.  View Post