2022 URT DIG RECAP: When the Dust settles

The 6th Annual URT DIG Hole Digging Competition took place this last Friday at NOrth Beach at Sunset. As the sun started its inevitable fall, the competitive spirit of 65 digging began to rise in hopes to reign supreme holding the golden shovel and the title of the world's best digger. The URT DIG offered 4 divisions from which this glory could be obtained.
First up was the PLASTIC Division for all children under 13 years old. All children were herded to the digging grid and they took their positions anxiously. Some were scolded for pre-digging as the rules were explained to them. Rule 1. Every digger has 10 minutes to dig as deep as possible. Rule 2: Don't lose a toe. It is forbidden. WIth the conclusion of the rule briefing the whistle blew and the sky became alive with sand flying in all directions. 10 minutes to a child digging might as well be a lifetime. By the time the dust settled and the earth came back to rest, a little worse for wear, the crowd was left with 3 triumphant girls and boys. (Girls winners: 1st. Zoey Vanbaggen (11"), 2nd. Lilly Patel  (4") 3rd. Lilliana Grumbles (3")  Boys Winners 1st. Colten Lippincott (2') 2nd. Scotty McKay (1'8") 3rd. Dallas Wiggins (1'6") 
Next up was the main event, the METAL Division (adults). The bruisers and soon to be losers claimed their patch of sand and began the mental and physical hibernation as they remained coiled like a viper ready to strike the Earth with the sound of the whistle. And with that whistle came unfiltered chaos. Spectators took yard-long steps back, children turned their heads in fear, and dogs' tails retreated between their legs. The diggers scared the earth and left no doubt of their short time on this planet. To the victors go the spoils. (Womens: 1st: Adele Keating (3'5"), 2nd: Alicja "All Day Long" Urtnowski (2'5"). Men's: 1st. Sean Grumbles (4'7") 2nd. David Sauer (4'6") 3rd. Cole Webster (4'2"))
The final two divisions would dig together. HANDS and PAWS (dog) division. This was the purists division that just relied on their mitts and wits. No shovels, no assistance. This was man vs. the land. The field spread out and assumed a pack mentality with a vacancy spot for the Alpha Digger. Humans dropped to "all fours" and met their canine competition at eye level. The whistle blew and the diggers scratched and clawed at the Earth like it owed them money. Finger prints eroded away with each swipe. Knuckles exposed their weak spots as they grinded them deeper, fighting for every millimeter. The dogs however, felt none of this. This time it was the humans in the dog's world. With the sound of an exhausted whistle the URT DIG came to an end. (Hands: 1st. Ian Yoon (2'6") 2nd. Josh Taylor (2') 3rd. Mark Malico (1'11") Paws: 1st Luna (1'2") 2nd. Kona (10") )
All proceeds from the event were donated to the C4 Foundation ( who preserve and strengthen Navy SEAL families and One More Wave ( who provide custom to their injury surfboards for wounded veterans. The event was put on by URT Clothing (, a local Coronado company.

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