2023 URT DIG Recap: One More Millimeter for Chuck

The 2023 Live Heavy Weekend concluded on Sunday May 30 with the 7th annual URT DIG.  This event is just what is sounds like, a hole digging competition.  Nearly 70 competitors gathered on a brisk spring afternoon on Coronado’s North Beach hoping to earn the title of the world’s best digger.  They also gathered in memory of Charlie Keating IV who famously won the golden shovel back in 2013 and the event now is in his honor.  All proceeds to this event went to the C4 Foundation (


The DIG featured four divisions which held the same rules in place.  Rule 1. Every digger has 10 minutes to dig as deep as possible. Rule 2: Don't lose a toe. It is forbidden.  This year also featured our friend Jonathan Wayne Freeman as the MC and he was able to highlight the action in real time.

First up was the PLASTIC Division for kids under 13 years old where we saw intense competition from both the boys and girls.  Sand was flying in all directions as the clock ticked slowly by.  10 minutes seemed like an eternity for these kids but they pushed harder than any year before.  When the clock finally reached zero and the sand settled we were left with the following gold, silver, and bronze medalists:



1. Kate Fortman

2. Violet Shane

3. Kate Brown





3. Thor Mondragon

 After a quick break to fill in the deep holes from the kids we were ready for the main event, the METAL Division for adults.  This year was lining up to be the most competitive yet and would feature new champions as last year’s winners Sean Grumbles and Adele Keating were unable to attend.  Same rules as the kids, but a bit more intensity with the upgrade to metal shovels.  As the timer started we saw a variety of approaches from our competitors…different size shovels, digging body positions, and unique approaches to get the deepest hole.  The last minute proved to be make or break for our competitors as some pushed through to the next level of the earth.  The following men and women came out victoriously:



1. Rowlynda Moretti

2. Nova

3. Lacy Brown



1. Ben Nealy

2. Nick Merrill

3. Zack Fully

 The final two divisions proved to be our absolute favorite as our HANDS and PAWS division would dig together.  This is the PURIST division as all you or your pup need is your mitts and witts.  This year featured the most dogs yet including many of our URT Shop dogs who we love so much.  When the whistle blew and the clock started the competitors dropped to all fours and started scratching and clawing the earth like there was no tomorrow.  After 10 minutes of digging for each last millimeter our human competitors wished they had those paws as their nail beds and knuckles were destroyed.  Our final event concluded with the sound of a tired whistle and the top 3 humans and dogs were crowned.



1. Christopher Marschall

2. Nat

3. St John Mondragon



1. Rhea

2. Luna

3. Odozoo


Thank you also to our great sponsors ...We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for another round of exceptional digging!

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