URT DIG: The Aftermath

The URT DIG is a competitive hole digging contest that takes place on Coronado Beach, in which contestants choose from 3 divisions to compete in. Plastic (kids 10 and under) Hands/Paws Division (Humans and Dogs can only use what god gave them) and Metal Division. Diggers are given up to 10 minutes to dig as deep as they can and the winner is given the highly valued Golden Shovel. 

2017 Results: 

Plastic: Girls Division: 1st: Hannah Darren (20.5") 2nd: Victoria Randall (18") 3rd: Sophie Berta (13") Boys Division: 1st: Parker Freeman (21") 2nd: Gage Gilby (19.5") 3rd: Reef Sauder (19").

Hands: 1st: Jason Martishinski (39") 2nd: Brian Hall (31") 3rd: Linaya Rotkein (28").

Paws: 1st: Guido (24") 2nd: Maximus Black Toe (18") 3rd: Rusty (13"); second place—Maximus Black Toe (18 inches); and first place—Guido (24 inches).

Metal: 1st: Tie.Damon Bassett & Brendon Zinke (65"). 2nd. Jim Tuthill (62"), 3rd Dan Sura (61").


** Scroll down for more pictures from the event. 

URT DIG 2017: Wrap Up


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