Winner Winner Lobster Dinner: 2023 URT LOB OFF Recap

URT URT hosted its 11th Annual URT LOB OFF Freedive Lobster Grab competition on Sunday October 1.  The event took place at Garbage Break on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego where divers had an hour and a half to see how many legal bugs they could fumigate off the ocean floor. Lobsters were then taken to the judging table for measuring and weighing. 

Although we had perfect weather conditions, unfortunately the visibility was low at only 6 inches. Despite the conditions we had 31 divers show up for the event and 3 bugs were delivered to the judging table.  Congrats to our winner Lucas Binder who caught the BIG BUG of the day at 1.7lbs!

Thank you to all the contestants for coming out to support our bugging.

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