A Tribute to the crew of HSC-8 Loosefoot 616

On August 31st, 2021, “Loosefoot 616”, an MH-60S helicopter operating off the coast of San Diego, California, was lost along with five of her crew members. They were exceptional members of the Helicopter Sea Combat - Eight (HSC-8) “Eightballers” squadron and represented the very best of this country and Naval Aviation. We honor their lives, service and sacrifice by remembering the legacy they leave behind. 

Our URT community is stepping in to assist the grieving families of the five killed through this memorial t-shirt. In honoring the lost crew members and their loved ones, we have committed to donating 100% of the proceeds raised back to the family members.

Together we honor our fallen Eightballers: 

LT Brad “BLOB” Foster, 29, was a caring husband and loving father. He treasured his family above all else and cherished every moment spent with them. He had an exuberant personality and was loved by all those who interacted with him. A dedicated aviator, Brad approached his work with enthusiasm and vigor. He will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of being in his presence on land and in the air. He is survived by his wife, Beth, and 1 year old daughter, Audrey. 

 LT Paul “Boo” Fridley, 28, was a wonderfully patient, inspirational, and thoughtful man. He was a beloved husband, devoted son, and caring brother. He was passionate about his profession as a Naval Aviator and approached his craft with dedication and unmatched kindness. Paul was resolute in his faith and always a glowing example for all to follow. He is survived by his wife, Sarah. 

 AWS1 James “Jimmy” Buriak, 31, was an exemplary dad who loved his son and was a soul mate to his wife. He was a beloved son, brother, and friend. He prided himself on physical fitness and being able to not only protect his family but others if needed. Jimmy lived every moment to the fullest. He held his friends and family close and built memories that will last a lifetime. He is survived by his wife, Megan, and his 1 year old son, Caulder. 

HM1 Sarah Burns, 31, was an amazing wife, sister, and friend. She was a kind, compassionate, and quiet person who deeply loved others and took extreme pride in serving her country. She was humble, goal oriented and worked tirelessly to be the best that she could be in all her endeavors. She was a role model for all and a true patriot. She is survived by her husband, Lucas. 

HM2 Bailey Tucker, 21, was a humble son with increasing earnestness and strength. He was raised with discipline, loyalty, unity and independence. Bailey dedicated his courage and values to service, joining the Navy to be part of something larger than himself. His sacrifice will forever be cherished, leaving those around him with aspirations to serve as well. He is survived by his parents, Jill and Jay. 

In honor of Brad, Paul, Jimmy, Sarah, and Bailey: Live your lives as they would, with love, humor, compassion, courage, dedication, service, and joy. Keep their legacy alive. 

“Their sacrifice was great, but not in vain. All Americans and every free nation on earth can trace their liberty to the white markers of places like Arlington National Cemetery. And may God keep us ever grateful.” - George W. Bush

Please join us in supporting the loved ones of these fallen heroes and keeping their memory alive.

Here the link to get your shirt and show your support.


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