Reef Safe / Eco Friendly / Sea Turtle Shell Bumper Stickers.

As an avid lover of sea turtles we set out to make a shell sticker that would be good for the environment and even better for the turtle. Most stickers don't take into account what they're sticking to, but at URT! we dedicate ourselves to making products that sea animals would be proud of. 

We put our factory to the test with this one and spared no expense. With an infusion of mercury into the adhesive of the sticker we can now allow the sticker to stretch and grow with the sea turtle shell. The adhesive also has a corn starch base that has been tested to be reef friendly and pilot fish friendly (A first in the industry). 

To be honest, turtle shells are incredible marketing opportunities. And that is why we take it so seriously. At the end of the day it's all about the turtle. So respect the shell and slap some URT love on its back and let's spread the word. 


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