URT LOB OFF: The Surfacing

The 8th Annual URT LOB OFF: Freedive Lobster Grab RESULTS

This year our LOB OFF had it's ups and downs. We found a new location at No Surf Beach at Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma, after our flagship location stairwell has been closed due to erosion. But the LOB OFF must continue. Divers had 1.5 hours to traverse down the steep cliffs and collect as many sea cockroaches as possible, and to the victors went the spoils. We had Fish & Wildlife come to our event and helped us measure all the lobster.

    Two legal lobsters were caught and 2 winners were named.

  1. Nate Roher // 1 Lobster // 1lb 10oz
  2. Max Parrague // 1 Lobster // 1lb 2 oz

Big thanks to our sponsor JBL Spearguns for donating to the event and being so generous with their brand. Much appreciated to all who came out and have supported our contest.

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