On September 16th Coronado's North Beach boasted the biggest URT WOMP to date. What is the URT WOMP? Well its local company URT Clothing's 8th Annual Body surfing Contest. The word WOMP refers to the crash of the wave and the ensuing washer machine feel the body surfer feels in the impact zone.

Over 100 contestants competed at North beach's premier body surfing break. Contestants were treated with a 3-5 ft long period South swell all day. Conditions couldn't have been better and the stoke was alive and well on land and in the water.

URT Clothing donated all the proceeds from the event to the non profit organization One More Wave Surf Corp, who provide boards and wet suits tailored to veterans injuries in an attempt to drop the high suicide rate plaguing the military. Ocean therapy is a pillar to recovery.

The URT WOMP: Body surfing Contest started with the sqURT division (ages 7-14), URT Clothing's owner, URT, provided in water life guarding as the sqURT division never hesitated to put themselves in the teeth of some of the meanest waves. The next crop of Coronado WOMPers have a bright future. Prizes were given to the top 4 WOMPers in the youth division (4th Place: ,

Youth Division

  1. Anthony Aniello
  2. Jacob Tetzlaf
  3. Max Hicke
  4. Luke Curuthers

The OPEN division featured 70 contestants with stiff competition coming in from all over the state and abroad. There were contestants from the East Coast and even one traveled as far as Peru to take part in the URT WOMP.

Men's Division

  1. Mark Drewelow
  2. Geoff Shimotsu
  3. Wyatt Tilliotson

Women's Division

  1. Meredith Rose
  2. Daryl Dawson

The event ended with the Hand-plane division, a sub category of body surfing where WOMPers are allowed to use a small board that they slide onto their hands and use it to ride the waves longer by elevating their chest out of the water for less drag. When the dust settled there were only three winners.

Hand-plane Division

  1. Meredith Rose
  2. Jin Salamack
  3. Gallero

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